Liina Länsiluoto

Visual artist Liina Länsiluoto lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Länsiluoto creates paintings and spatial works
that explore the relationship between humans and nature, climate change, and empathy.

Experimenting art

As an artist, Länsiluoto is experimental, combining oil painting with spatial experiences, acrylic with embroidery, and integrating text into paintings. Welcome to explore Liina´s work!


Landscapes and mixed media paintings inspired by the Finnish nature.

”I invite you to embrace the wonders of our unique planet.”

Human connections

Paintings about human relations, emotions and empathy.

”The world is not essentially about the survival of the fittest. It is the survival of the nurtured. This idea guides me.”

“What would I do if I had only one year to live? I paint to answer this question.”

Liina Länsiluoto